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Enter The Maldives

Enter The Maldives is our first international documentary about the unique country in the middle of the Indian Ocean and its inhabitants. In 2 years and a total of 6 weeks we explored the islands with producer Jinah to find out how one of the most popular travel destinations in the world really looks like and how the people deal with the annually growing tourism. What we found out may surprise most tourists. 

Director: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Cinematographer, Editor: Victor Oonk
Producer: Mohamad Jinah Ali, Victor Oonk, Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Photography: Indre Stühmer
PA: Alexander Kreis 

Concept Trailer

50 Hours Underwater

Shafraz (Shaff) Naeem is a tech-diver and underwater photographer from the Maldives. As part of the Ocean 6/50 event, the scuba diver set out to spend 50 hours underwater to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans. We were there to find out how such a risky undertaking becomes reality and if he really manages it.

Director: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Dop, Editor: Victor Oonk
Cinematographer: Bhushan Bagadia „BB“, Saeed Rashid, Mohamed Rifshan Shaheem, Mohamed Jinah Ali, Afsheen Mohamed, Ahmed Raaif Rasheed „Bitho“
Producer: Mohamad Jinah Ali, Victor Oonk, Shahrzad Mazloumsaki 

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Teaser V3 

The Speaker

“The Speaker” (2019) is a documentary about Dirk Kreuter’s attempt to break the record of the biggest sales lesson in Europe. We accompanied Dirk Kreuter at his events and traveled as far as Dubai for the documentary. In interviews we talked to Bodo Schäfer, Christian Bischoff, Calvin Hollywood and Raoul Plickat to understand and present the story of Dirk Kreuter. The film celebrated its premiere at the UCI Bochum, among others. 

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Victor Oonk
Producer: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Colorgrading: Susi Dollnig
Sound Mixer: Oliver Melchers
VFX: Falk Franken
Production Company: Lifton Media GmbH
Distributor: WVG, Polyband 



Film Clip No. 1 

Film Clip No. 2 

Film Clip No. 3 

The Glowing Swamp

The Glowing Swamp is a documentary short film about Marcel Bühler and his artwork “Moorleuchten” (eng.: “The Glowing Swamp”). With the camera we followed the artist from the construction to the final display of his artwork in Nantesbruch. The film captures the atmosphere of the light installation in one of the last moors in Germany and sets the impressive work of art in the scene cinematically.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Victor Oonk
Producer: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Grip, Photography: Indre Stühmer
Production Company: Lifton Media GmbH  



Michael Porz

Victor Oonk assisted Tim Langford in making his film about his good friend Michael Portz. The film shows both the inspiring profession and the private life of Michael. After an unexpected stroke of fate, Michael Portz rethinks his attitude to life, the subject of feelings and reorients himself professionally. As a coach he now supports others – because life is always about people.

Director: Tim Langford
Cinematographer: Victor Oonk
Editor: Keith Wright