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We tell stories

LIFTON MEDIA is a film and video production company based in Bochum, the heart of the Ruhrgebiet. We specialize in visual and immersive storytelling and use clear concepts to create artistic content that moves and inspires. With us, the medium of film becomes the carrier of emotions, the bearer of messages, the storyteller. From image films and commercials to music videos and documentaries – with every film we follow our own claim to think innovatively and give our best to do justice to each story individually. Within just a few moments we want to reach, entertain, educate and inspire our viewers. The foundation for our projects is the creation of a concept. The right script is an important component to visualize the message of our customers in an appealing and convincing way. With our detailed concepts, we ensure that the budget is used effectively and that individual ideas are met. The heart of every project is the production. With high-end technical equipment such as the RED Digital Camera, we translate our clients’ ideas and the concept developed in the pre-production phase into cinematic and expressive moving images. In the final post-production phase, the film finally takes shape.