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Lula & Miguel

Lula and Miguel is Lifton Media’s first production. The short film was successfully completed in January 2018 in just four days. With Lula and Miguel, American-born director Jon Darcelien tells the story of a couple (played by Kai Bosse and Laura Hospes-Schneiderhan) who suddenly face a difficult parting from each other in the midst of their happy relationship. We celebrated the premiere of Lula & Miguel at the Schauburg in Dortmund with around 100 guests. 

Starring: Laura Schneiderhan, Kai Bosse, Roland Kalweit, Elena Halangk, Michelle Zienkiewicz
Written and Directed by: Jon Darcelien
Producers: Jon Darcelien, Jerod Jacobs, Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
Cinematographer: Victor Oonk
Editor: Bryan Lowe
Co-Editor: Victor Oonk
Sound Editing/ Mixing: Jerod Jacobs
Poduction Company: Lifton Media GmbH
Executive Producers: Barbara Skwarczynski, Guy Stanley Piloche, Henning Gosda, Kelly Louis Charles, Paulina Wojciechowska, Ryan Piloche, Sabrina Rosa
Music by: Jeremy Vess